Is Email Marketing Dead?

It is common to see calls-to-action that encourage readers to sign up for mailing lists. While in the past it was more acceptable to see this marketing add-on, these days, it is often seen as spam. Many people don’t like seeing these pop-ups any longer, and would often opt out of the page immediately.

Email marketing may be dead for some areas, but for others, it is still very much alive. It depends on the area, for sure, whether the community uses email as a primary means of communication. For some areas where email marketing is not as strong anymore, social media has taken over. Instead of reading ads on emails, people now get across them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. There are now many channels for consumers to find ads, so emails do not work anymore for others.

Why email marketing still works

Even with email marketing finding fewer fans in some areas, in others, it is still the number one go-to for advertisers. There are so many things that influence as to why email is chosen over social media.

In many countries, email is viewed as more formal compared to social media. Email is used for serious matters, while social media is taken with a light note. That is why, many people still prefer email marketing over social media advertising, because the former is deemed more formal. Email is also seen as the proper avenue to advertise, as long as the advertiser does it properly and with tact.

Social media, on the other hand, is still seen as a way to communicate with family and friends, and to get a glimpse of celebrities’ and influencers’ lives. It often features impressive and breathtaking photos and videos that make you want to travel to the area being highlighted. Through social media, you also get to share a slice of your life through the photos and videos that you publish. Therefore, it is still taking people a bit of time to get used to the idea of social media marketing.

Too much of social media marketing can cause an unpleasant experience for the online user because of all the ads and pop-ups showing on the screen. Therefore, like email marketing, you must use it with tact, according to digital marketing & SEO by Break The Web. Although social media advertising also works, it loses its value when you make it repetitive and sans of value.

Why email marketing does not work anymore

There are plenty of reasons to still use email marketing for your business. However, there is another side to it that must make you think twice about using it.

Aggressive email marketing and overselling is annoyingFor one, people now receive lots of emails, whether from work, school, sign-ups, or promotions. So, if you are adding up to that bulk, then you are further bogging down the end user with information that he/she may not need. Therefore, you must only send email advertisements if your current or potential client signed up for the mailing list. Never send emails on the fly and think that people will be okay with it. Instead of marketing your brand positively, lack of consent can even put you on people’s block lists.

Next, a lot of email marketing materials being sent do not offer any value any longer. Instead of learning about the product or service that you want to purchase, you are presented with sales information that does not interest you. You are given different package options without giving you an idea of the purchase. So, if you need to do email marketing, make sure that you’ve done your market research on what the audience wants to see and read about.

Is email marketing dead?

Targeting the right customer at the right timeEmail marketing is not yet dead. The only challenge is for you to find ways to make it enjoyable for the audience to read your work. People have no interest in seeing your profits and graph presentations. They want to see how your company can solve the problem that they want to find a solution in. So, it is a challenge for you to find what ticks with your target audience. There is no point going around in circles showing off what your brand can do. More than anything, you should show how you can solve the problem, and what your past accomplishments are that allowed you to solve these roadblocks.

Also, do not forget to be tactful with how and when you send email marketing materials. If you send every day, people will get overwhelmed, and you may even be placed on the block list. If you post once a month, you don’t gain as much impact because you are not as visible as you expect to be. Plan out your content and posting schedules, and stick to them. Along with high-quality content, you must also be consistent, so people will remember your brand.