Humans are sociable creatures by nature; the majority of people that I have observed in society are always engaging each other’s lives whether it is with a good or bad temperament. As time goes by, people become more and more dependent on technology, especially the internet, to keep in touch and up to date. The creation of e-mail has altered the way all people communicate. This couldn’t be more evident today than with Facebook which has conveniently moved its way to the lives of nearly everyone who has access to the internet. Facebook may be the most popular communication source on the web, but if someone doesn’t use it, then odds are they’re on another site filling their social void with online chatting.

There are many boons to be had once someone starts browsing a website which allows them to talk to anyone from anywhere on the globe. However, one major use for such a site is the ability for someone to find a loved one who can’t be reached through any other means. A friend of mine is living proof of this. He found his younger sister on Facebook after many years of separation. Without the use of Facebook, it might have taken years for him to have a chance of getting in touch with her. Alongside the blessing of finding a loved one, the internet gives millions the ability to meet people and make new friends.

The world at your fingertips with social media messagingThe lifestyle that many leads now would cease to exist without the use of the internet to communicate. Multitudes of people take online college courses to receive an education. Millions of people communicate with their employers and their educators through e-mail to interchange necessary information in order to progress functionally during the day. If not for yahoo’s website, I would have the responsibility of turning in several assignments by hand. Furthermore, for people who just need a way to bide their boredom, features on social media sites such as instant messaging do well in serving as a pass time. I always hear people talking about how much time they spent talking to someone on instant messenger about something random.

There are two sides to every story; online communication doesn’t fail to wander into this cliche. Contrary to all I have mentioned prior to now; the internet has also proven time and time again its aptitude to pull individuals of native and adolescent nature into unfavorable situations. Many children have gone on to online-chat websites and have been led on by strangers to believe in false character posing as a friend.